ROYAL BOTANIA - Outdoor luxury (178)

Royal Botania is a Belgium producer and supplier of exclusive outdoor- furniture and lighting. This is furniture for the meticulous person, where only the best is good enough. Royal Botania has a well-deserved reputation of creating the most refined and diverse collection of outdoor furniture in the world. Each collection is designed and manufactured to offer a perfect blend of precision and functionality.
ROYAL BOTANIA - Outdoor luxury

Udemøbler (149), Udendørsbelysning (29)

FUERADENTRO - Outdoor design furniture (30)

FueraDentro is a Dutch design furniture producer who takes pride in creating modern outdoor furniture, which is also very suitable for indoor use. FueraDentro translated as "inside out" in Spanish and serves as inspiration for all their furniture ranges.
FUERADENTRO - Outdoor design furniture

Shell Outdoor Furniture (11), Cima kollektion (12), Lounge kollektion (5), E-volved bord (1), Krukker (1)

UMBROSA Parasols&sails - Unique shadow designs (7)

Umbrosa er en belgisk producent af parasoller og sejl. Deres vision er at få folk til at nyde solen ved at give dem mulighed for at skabe skygge på en smuk og enkel måde. Skygge, som forvandler deres have eller terrasse til en attraktiv oase af ro og nydelse. "Umbrosa skabe skyggen, som du behøver for at nyde solen"
UMBROSA Parasols&sails - Unique shadow designs

INDU+ Outdoor kitchen (8)

The ultimate mobile kitchen for the Nordic market! Roll your kitchen outside and enjoy the pleasure of quick and healthy cooking on induction - and roll it inside when the weather no longer allows you to be outside and cook. Indu+ kitchen is easy to adapt and the possibilities of cooking on the plates, the wok, the grill or the teppanyaki, are endless. It requires only outlet for induction.
INDU+ Outdoor kitchen

Indu+ udekøkken (4), MobiCook udekøkken (4)

ECOSMART - Fireplaces outdoor (30)

EcoSmart ethanol fireplaces consist of freestanding fireplaces, fireplace inserts for existing disused fireplaces and solutions for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. It is also possible to have bio-burners for individual design solutions. For EcoSmart, which is an Australian manufacturer, fire safety design and development is crucial. Several of the EcoSmart designs are award-winning designs.
ECOSMART - Fireplaces outdoor

Udendørs bioethanolpejse (9), Brændere til individuelle pejse (21)

HEATSCOPE - Terrace heaters (28)

MOONICH is a German manufacturer of electric terrace heaters HEATSCOPE that meets your specific needs. There are solutions for both open, partially closed and fully enclosed patios, conservatories, glass houses, and more. They are available with either no light transmission or a limited light transmission, to maximize comfort and minimize visibility.
HEATSCOPE - Terrace heaters

Heatscope Zero Terrassevarmer (14), Heatscope Vision Terrassevarmer (7), Heatscope Spot Terrassevarmer (7)

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